Running a blog ( or even trying to run a blog in my case) is hard. I thought it would be easy to sign up for a website and then produce articles, no matter how short, and be content. I was very very wrong. Being able to articulate your thoughts is an art form and it is not to be taken lightly. I’ve noticed that all the things I have put on this site have been filled with grammatical errors and as embarrassing as that may be, it is easier to leave them be and do better in the future. This rambling is related to a book, I swear it 🙂

The Breakthrough Experience by Dr John Demartini is a book I will force upon my children and enthusiastically recommend to everyone I can. There is power in words. Each page felt as though me and Dr Demartini were face-to-face and he was telling me how to overcome my self imposed limitations. I am the first person to say that happiness is a choice. That you have to make the conscious decision to be happy and once that decision is made, you will be happy. I limited that logic to just a state of being or an emotion. This book taught me that it applies to your life as well.

If someone told you that if you decided that you wanted to be the next top athlete or a billionaire by age 50 and all you had to do is chose to do so, would you believe them? If you are anything like me, the answer is no. That sounds like nonsense. If it was that easy and that simple, no one would be broke. Thankfully I was able to read this book and terminate that ignorance. Nothing is easy in this life. Things that are worth it in life are never easy and the things that are easy never seem worth it. Its a cliche at this point but there is a thousand truths in that saying.

This book taught me to write out my entire life and divide into several categories. I know what I want be, what I have to do in order to be want I want and to finally know what I will have when I do what I have to in order to be what I want. That is a convoluted sentence but if you read the book, you’ll get it. Knowing all this, I know that I am taking daily steps to get where I want to be. This has given me a new sense of clarity and excitement to achieve my dreams every new day that comes. I hope that you get a chance to read this book and see a positive change in your life. My aim in life is to share love and happiness with at least one person and every additional person after that will be more blessings.

Be happy!


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