It was a goal of mine to make a blog post daily for 12 weeks when first starting out. I quickly realized that was much harder to do, especially when it came to the topics of love and happiness. I never thought about my emotions up until I was depressed and simply surviving through life. I would go through everyday simply wanting more but not actually doing anything for more to come. This was in all aspects of life. Whether it was school, a relationship, friendships or my health, I did the bare minimum with everything so that too many questions werent asked. I woke up today and realized that as easy as it is to be happy, its even easier to let negativity bring you down. Negativity in this sense being sadness, depression, etc. But negativity regarding yourself stems from yourself so it is you that is the cause. Kind of hurt my brain for a bit when thinking like this.

But isnt that true? I woke up one day earlier this year and decided to be happy. I am truly happier than I have ever been and that blows my mind. Im averaging a little over a book a week since the start of this year and it blows my mind. Ive been focusing on self-help books as well as business because those are two things I hold dear to my heart. Me and my money. Have to be real about that because it pains me when people try to speak so much BS that money isnt everything. I never said it was everything but I still need it. Im trying eat and let my great, great, great grandkids eat as well. Ive focused a lot on me this year as well because Im a firm believer that you attract what you are in life. If I know that man I want to be, develop the mannerism and skills I want, then my wife will be stunning in all aspects. The people closest to me have all noticed a shift in my mentality and mannerisms so it a great start. But its just a start and life is a long marathon…not a sprint.

I movedĀ from Jamaica to New York to Ghana since the start of the year and its not even half way done. My plans that I wanted to come to fruition didnt and that sucks but everything happens for a reason no? My life is nothing what I thought it would be at this point. Is that such a bad thing? I want to see yes but it truly isnt. Life is not easy for anyone and all I know is that I am blessed beyond belief. I cant complain. As uncertain as everything is, has been and will be, all I know is that life is what you make it right now and I am doing my best to make it the best life. I hope anyone else who reads this agrees and shares their experiences with me.


Have a blessed day!


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