Life will always have periods where things are not as straight forward or not as pleasant as you want them to be. Emotions are apart of being human but sometimes I have felt that I could live without them. That is an immature mindset. Why would you want to have no emotions? Then you couldn’t be happy. Without happiness, what is life? That turns you into a survivor in life, pretty much what we conceive to be a zombie. Life is too beautiful and way to short to not enjoy every single second.

Is that easier said than done? Of course it is but it is possible to be happy in all that happens. I’m not saying you wont feel sadness, depression, anger etc.. but you can still have happiness. You dont need to be engulfed by any negative emotion as long as you chose not to be. It is truly a choice and it has become more and more evident in the past month. I was so happy previously and took it for granted. I wasnt choosing happiness and just expected it. Slowly, the negativities in life were becoming more and more apparent whether it concerned a beautiful young lady, self doubt or even issues arising from a lack of instant gratification. The happiness was not as vibrant, sadness was slowly creeping up on me and I was getting more and more confused and yearning for that happiness again.

To thwart the negativity that appeared to be surrounding me, I did what I did the first time I experienced happiness. I chose to be happy. Just like that and as simple as that sounds. Instead of trying to bask in negativity, I accepted it and happiness was there with its hand out waiting for me to get with the program. Not everything needs to be complicated. Happiness is simple. You can be the poorest person in the world in terms of currency but the wealthiest person in life. I would love to have both and I am sure most people would agree with me on that. But honestly, wealth in life seems to be more important to me over currency.

Happiness has stretched its hand out to everyone and will always have its hand out to you. It is up to you to stretch out your hand as well and be pulled along by happiness. Always, always chose happiness and let life show you all its beauty.

Be Happy fam!


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