I was trying to use everyday things that I relate to frequently that cause love and happiness in my life to hopefully show someone else how easy it is to be happy. Being this happy should be illegal because I don’t know how to contain myself sometimes. I realized after a little while that it probably isn’t the best idea to use material goods to preach love & happiness. Instead, the best way to preach these things are through yourself.

A typical day in the life of a person consumed by love & happiness begins with a smile. The moment you wake up is another opportunity to take advantage of the love you are receiving and emitting into the world. Sounds very corny but it is also so true. The important part of the whole love and happiness scheme is the start. From the get go, choosing love will have exponential benefits on your life. After the beginning, everything else will fall into place.

After waking up, I use my day to read and look for as many cash opportunities as I can. Sounds very boring but I love every single day I am given and I love the people that are around me. I have been trying my best to try ensure the people around me understand where my mind is at and I’m pretty sure they are all tired of me asking about their emotions. They never take me seriously but through love, they will get the point eventually.

The beginning is always the hardest part. Starting to forget all the nonsense about love being hard and difficult is hard. But the moment you start to make love easy, to make love a priority within yourself and not just towards someone or for someone is when life transform. Love yourself even if you appear to have 1 million flaws. Love them all. I have over 5 million flaws but I love them all. Just choose love. Once you begin to love, you wont ever stop.




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