I went to Cuba last summer and didnt know what to expect. It was a trip that I will never forget because I fell in love. The buildings, the people, the cars and the aura of Havana was so beautiful. It was as if the whole city of Havana was preserved from the past so it was a sense of nostalgia for the entire time I was there. What was even more beautiful was the countryside. Massive expanses of land that have not been developed and that allows for beautiful, beautiful landscapes. I wish I was a more skilled photographer because the pictures I took dont do the landscapes justice.


Going over these pictures has made me happier and love more each time I have seen them. Photography allows you to travel time and space. Looking at these has allowed me to go right back to the moment I was taking them. I was so happy in that moment because I was not expecting such a view when I was on the plane to Havana. These allow me to love more because I chose to be positively influenced and radiate more love and more life into the world. I just want everyone to see the benefit of living like that.

Choose love when it doesnt seem to make sense or when it doesnt appear ideal and that love will be even stronger than when love seems to be appropriate. Push more love into the world and the world will love you and everyone else more. It seems I may be very repetitive when it comes to the subjects of love and happiness but that is because the more I saw it and project them into the world, the more they will spread and hopefully make other people have more love and happiness in their lives.


Love everyone and everything today!


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