I feel like Pablo Picasso would be such a cool guy to chill with. He painted a lot  and hopefully was a modern day bro. The Women of Algiers, 1955Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907  are masterpieces I cannot help but love. They both contain the female form in the nude. Life doesn’t get much better than that for me.


The more and more I have chosen to just love, the more smiles I have had and the more positivity energy I have been able to project into the world. Paintings are very effective in allowing more love to flow. There are so many masterpieces that have been produced and gifted to the world. The more art you can appreciate, the more opportunities to love and therefore be loved in return. Use art or any other means to produce more love. Art is easy because it surrounds us and can be easily be found with my favorite tool, Google.


This second painting is more the same. Its pure beauty. Once you can find things that put smiles on your face, hold onto them. Once love is flowing, it rarely stops. Once you use your love to make more love in others, life is better for everyone. We need more love in this world so why not make your contribution? If everyone made a conscious decision to love more, life would get so much better for everyone on Earth.

Chose love not hate fam!


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