Happiness is what you make it. You choose to be happy and I cant stress that enough. I have and will keep saying this because it is so true and I would love to see everyone be happier. Living in the Caribbean, you see that islands inspire happiness because of the environment and the easiness life can be. Mix that natural happiness being radiated from your surroundings with a luxury villa and life cant be better. This is the Valhead Villa in Turks and Caicos. It is beautiful and Im saving up from now so that I can stay here for a week.

Im a big big big believer that a house can make you even happier. For me personally, as long as I have a view of a city or the ocean, like cant get any better. Half the time it is all about the view for me and I ma still searching for the perfect view. Once I find it, ill do whatever it takes to be able to see it on a daily basis. The sunsets from this villa look purely blissful and I cant wait to see them in person.


I just love that it is Sunday and there is a new week to become even happier and hopefully inspire happiness and love in more people. Let us all make the world a completely better place with both love and happiness. I become so much happier seeing happy people. I love more in the world when I see other people that love life as much as me or that are in love with themselves or others. Let us try to love more and be happier. Those are two things we can control and that will no doubt make this a better place to live for everyone.

Let us all be happier!


Lets have another great week fam!


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