Shoes can be seen to accurately give a window into your personality. I thinks thats a fair assessment. Im a big fan of a simple shoe with a great design and I that is because I am a very simple person. In the case of the Yeezy Boosts by Kanye West & Adidas, they are far from simple and are guaranteed to be a head turner. They are an interesting pair of shoes because they have so much hype around them and ensure people will be looking at you and making a comment about them.

Much like love, these aren’t simple and it wont be had by everyone. People know about them and may/ may not want them but once they see them, they must have their opinion heard. Ive always found it strange that people can instantly see love on other people and have something to say but cant see that same love within them. Does that make sense? It is as if we are living a life where we think we cant have love or dont want it and once we see it, become envious and express it in a plethora of ways.

Negativity is everywhere and it is fueled by us. People spend too much time criticizing and dwelling on negatives instead of being grateful for all the positives. There is always more we want or think we deserve. Ive found it is so much easier to highlight a negative character trait in someone rather than a positive one. Thats more than f**ked up! I am honestly seeing that making a choice to find positivity in everything induces love.

Love makes everything better. Loving yourself isnt a crime or is it wrong. You have to love yourself more than anything before you can find someone else that will do the same. For starters, make sure you love yourself more than your favorite material item and then from there, ensure you find that positivity in life that is more abundant than the negative we have conditioned ourselves to pay more attention to.


Stay Happy Fam 🙂


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