I have been trying to stick to a schedule on what I post but I have found it increasingly difficult to make posts about tech. I was looking for very specific concepts but they have been hard to find.

I thought whats a classic technology we use on a daily? It has to be water! Its the only real example of a perpetual motion device and the use of water is seemingly infinite.

Water is life essentially, we need it and we as humans are mostly composed of water. That is where I immediately found happiness. If you were to close your eyes and just picture water in motion, it is truly wonderful. Watching any ocean move is a true luxury. I feel its something that isn’t appreciated until there is a lack of it. That has been my experience over the past few weeks.

Motion is very very important. Flow is what keeps us alive so watching life move continuously shows us just how important it is for us to keep on making moves. With happiness it is important to be happier and happier. The more active you are in choosing to be happy, the more momentum you have. Once you have that motion, you’ll be unstoppable. Its all about finding what it takes to have that initial momentum to keep you moving forward. The bigger challenge after that is maintaining that moment even when a situation is suddenly changed into something terrible. Like I said when it comes to compounding, making the choice to be happier and more positive on a daily basis will have dramatic effects on life going forward.

Keep it wavey fam and be as happy as you possibly can be!



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