I lived in Jamaica for all my life and I just recently moved. The island has its issues but its such a beautiful place. I feel like for most people, when you are actually there it may become boring or annoying to the point where all you want to do is leave. Its a place that has potential for endless bliss and happiness. Life is what you make it and if you choose to be happy in a place like this, life will be euphoric.


I got a drone last summer and I instantly fell in love. I noticed a few years ago that I didnt spend enough time looking up. The sky is always changing so doesnt that mean endless possibilities of beauty? When I started looking up, its as if life just started again. I was hooked on looking at clouds. No matter how simple they may appear I still love them. Its just like life. When things become stagnant or average, you become upset and want a change. Instead of looking at it like that, think of all the great things in that average situation. Be happy for the average and then see how you can make it even better and achieve a new standard of average. Looking at the picture above makes me so so happy. Its not a ground breaking or even a breath taking photo. Its an average photo. What makes me happy is how average it is. It has all the essentials for a photo I always take. Clouds in the foreground, clouds in the background and something underneath them. Cant ever go wrong with that formula 🙂


This is another simple picture that makes me so happy. I love the mountains Jamaica has to offer and the clouds always leave me with a smile on my face. There is always something to capture with photography so I always like to capture these moments. These moments allow me to go back in time to the seconds I was taking them and I am always happy when flying my drone and taking pictures. Photography allows for happiness to be remembered and transcended to the future. Happiness and photos go hand in hand.

Be happy fam!

*I took those photos using a DJI Phantom 4.


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