The best thing about art is that it will never stop existing. You can classify anything you want into art if you want. Sunsets to me are art, not tangible but still some of the best art out there. Salvador Dali is an artist I truly admirer because his pieces are all thought provoking. The Persistence of Memory, by Dali, is a wonderful piece because it is a visual representation (in my opinion) of the argument that time is a fallacy.


The first time I saw this piece I thought it was saying time is hanging over our heads and we are going to die anyway. I dont think it needs to be interpreted like that anymore. A better way to look at it would be to say that time is hanging around both literally and metaphorically but we should be making the most of it. Instead of allowing time to weigh down on us and remain stagnant, do the most you can for as long as you can. If there are 24 hours in a day, lets be the best and happiest we can be in those hours. If something is finite, dont you want to make the most of it while you can?


As Melting Watch accurately depicts, time flies. There is nothing we can do about that. It is so easy for you to sit down and be an observer in life, I know this because I was doing this subliminally for a way too long. Once you make that choice to pivot your life and experience life for everything it offers, everything changes and happiness will consume you. Being consumed by happiness? Is that a thing? Should be. Never again, be idle and not make the most of life. F**k everything negative, radiate positivity and you will receive so much positivity that you will be utterly confused. Always make the right choice.


Always stay happy fam!


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