This is The Dome House designed by McBride Charles Ryan architecture firm in Australia. I was looking for an alternative living home, thinking I would find a home in cave or a hanging from a cliff. Although I did find both, I stumbled across geodesic dome homes and was too intrigued not dig deeper and research some more. The more I looked, the more love I was seeing and feeling. If you asked yourself “Seeing love? “, I mean exactly that. When you see bae, you are seeing love. When you see a pair of shoes, a nice car or in this case, a nice a$$ house, you are most definitely seeing love. I was seeing love through these pictures because I love a good garden and open spaces. This home looks like it has both so what is there not to love?

I just love and everything it comes with. The good and the bad. You always have to remember that any and everything comes with pros and cons. Even if they come with limited cons, you cant actually assess the effects of those negatives until you experience them. Ill get to that at a different time but I just wanted to talk about the beauty of love on this blessed Sunday. I wake up choosing to give and receive love in everything. From a good shower to a good food. Its all love. When Yeezus said, “We on some ultralight beams; This is a God dream” I think thats exactly what he meant. Take everything as positivity and the experiences you have in life will almost be perfect. It will be heavenly in some sense.


This week will be more ultralight beams if you let. It will be more agony and stress if you let it be. The choice is yours. Don’t let anything be in the way of your happiness. If it is a person that is in-between you and happiness, if they are worth the stress, then let them know they make you happy and you are choosing happiness so they better tag along. If they aren’t happy as well, tell them they can choose to be happy anyway and you’ll surely be happy together.

Have a great week and stay happy fam!


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