Cars are often associated with status in life. Materialism has done that to all people so it is not just cars. What if people decided that everything we purchase was an indication of the love we give/receive?  The world would be a drastically different place. Can you imagine? How crazy would that be, waking up in a world where it wasnt driven by the paper in our pockets or numbers on a screen when we look at our bank accounts? If that was the world we live in, I would aspire for one of these beauties.


The Ferrari Testarossa is in my opinion, simple and elegant. Just that. Like love, the great times in this car are amazing, breathtaking and delightful. With all good, there is the unfortunate negatives and that is usually the feelings of being lost, angry and betrayed. We tend not to dwell on negativity as it has been taught to us from a birth that we shouldnt reflect upon negativity. But why not? Ive found that dwelling on negativity allows for periods of positivity that surpass previous periods. It is inevitable in life that we have to experience down periods. So why not do so while minimizing the down periods?

ferrari-testarossa-12 That is why I was I find love in cars and the concept behind them. We use them for transportation but a new model comes out every year. When they discontinue a model, if it was iconic enough, it becomes a classic. People stopping loving, they become unhappy/sad and sometimes unfortunately stay that way.Just like cars however, models can be revived and return with a bang. Thats dope. Love will and can always thrive. It is a choice and just like happiness, it is in your hands to make them be what they are. Love and hate are the same emotion but expressed differently. So always love and f**k hate. Haters and hate should kindly piss of and let the love flow freely.


Stay happy fam!


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