Shoes are great to look at and provide protection for your feet. I guess those are the two main benefits to having them. I am a personal fan of being barefoot as much as possible. I would have to say the only downside to being barefoot is that your foot bottom accumulates so much dirt that you would think you work in a coal mine. Since its winter and it isnt recommended that you walk barefoot in the snow, boots are a source of major happiness.


If you like any boot, I feel like these should be an instant winner in your eyes. The range of colors show the versatility of this boot and its so SIMPLE. Emphasis on simple…if you didn’t realize. Like anything relating to your happiness, keep it simple. Be selfish, be impulsive and do the best you can to be happy. Happiness is required to make in through life like these boots in winter. So make a great choice like in selecting your boots and choose to have those things that give you immediate happiness. Make your happiness great again :).


Have options if you can in both senses so that you can have backups. Its like your friends, you have a few close friends because sometimes people will be busy or going through their own struggles. In those times, be a dependable chelsea boot from Common Projects and keep them warm (be there for them) so that you can use your own personal happiness to make someone else happy. You being happy and projecting happiness into the world will allow for the world to receive that positivity and have it reciprocated to you when needed. Always be positive and happy to make this world a better place. If we all started doing that, life would just be amazing.


Stay happy fam!


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