I spend way too much time on KickStarter but Ive been tracking this project for a while and instantly become a backer. I am a firm believer in anything that takes advantage of the sh!t we put out into the Earth that is slowly killing it. Ink made from air pollution? I was skeptical at first but after doing my due diligence, was instantly sold on the idea.


The love I found in this project wasn’t anything related to romance, but more just a hopeful love if that makes any sense. The more people sit down and analyze how f**ked the Earth is are great but unless everyone plays their part in a solution, nothing will be done. Ive been trying to do my part by supporting these projects and trying to reduce my plastic use. Not anything crazy but the way I see it, slowly but surely. Start with small things and then see how much they increase in time. Compounding at its core.

I just love this project because it is so simple and so very easily introduced in daily life. Im not artistically gifted but I backed the project telling myself that I will at least draw something with the ink. I cant explain the love I felt behind this project, it is very strange. I know I love it and its made me happy and hopeful. I really think projects like this have a beneficial impact on society both socially and environmentally. Id say I love this because it evokes positivity and awareness. Have to love that in anything.

The projects completed with this ink is very fascinating and I cant wait to get my hands on it. Im sharing this because I hope someone can relate with me. Something like this doesn’t usually make a person think of love in whatever sense but my thinking was just that we need more of these projects and we can see a change in the world.

If you are interested in the project, you can find it here.

Stay happy fam!


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