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This book has a very good message for anyone reading. That is, get sh!t done. This was a great motivator for me because I was having thoughts similar to what this author was saying so it felt like we were on a phone call the entire time.

This book is applicable in all areas of life when you know where you want to be but have hit a metaphorical road block in a sense. Little things that appear to have no impact today can be the cause of a plethora of beneficial outcome in the next month, year or decade. Love and happiness are prime examples of that. With happiness, you can begin to identify and weed out negatives in your life in small incremental steps. Before you know it, you have removed the negativity from your life and enjoying a quality of life that is far superior. Do you think thats a farfetched statement? Try it and see. If I could charge for that advice, Id pay you if it didnt work in as little as 6 months.

Choices you make regarding love are the same way. If you want to be loved beyond your comprehension, start loving you more. Start today and once you do, dont ever stop. If you have an ideal partner, you need to ask yourself if you are someone that ideal person would want. Once you do that it becomes very clear what you need to start doing. You need to take the necessary actions to change and be that ideal partner for your ideal partner and have happiness and love in your life. Thats all it takes, you. Once you make the commitment to yourself to change your life, consider it changed as long as you follow through. Nothing easy in this life is worth it and nothing worth it is easy. Thats really a saying that is timeless and 100% true.


Always choose happiness fam!


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