Any photograph is said to be worth thousands of words. Why limit it to thousands? Why limit it to a finite number? Photographs offer a chance for the viewer to lose sense of reality for as ever long as they want. They have been virtual reality version 1 before they came up with videos and the current version 3 which is what Samsung is pushing to the market now. Looking at a good picture has always made me happy and that was my motivation for buying a camera. I wanted to be able to make myself happy and to hopefully have that effect on other people. That being said, I don’t think I am yet to make someone else happy from my photographs as yet as photography is hard as f**k!. Wont give up though 🙂



I took this picture last year at a spot overlooking Kingston, Jamaica. I was so happing about everything with this picture. I know it may be out of focus somewhat and very dark, but I shot it using a Rokinon 14mm manual lens and had no idea what I was doing. I was happy because I was about to hop in my car and go home but was too captivated by the sunset to just give up so easily. I know its not the best picture in the world but its motivated me to hone my skills in photography and now I use the sh!t out of that lens. Still kinda have no idea what Im doing but I am making progress so I cant be upset.

Ive been seeing in me and people I tell that little minuscule things like that can set you on a path that will blow you away. That seems simple and that is because it really is. I’ll never stop saying that this happiness I have, happiness you see people with and the happiness you deserve is just a choice. Ive been sad and happy so I know Id always chose happiness. Its only a choice so you should always pick happy.


Stay happy fam!



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