The best part about art is making your own interpretation of what is presented by the author and using it to look into yourself. The first time I saw a piece by Francis Picabia, I was immediately drawn to his style and it felt as if the guy was speaking directly at me.


This is the piece in question. Dances at the Spring,1912. At first, I thought I was looking at a Marcelo Burlon t-shirt with a snake print on it. I was looking at the use of angular planes in this painting and I was immediately lost within myself. I was not aware of the title at the time so my first impression wasn’t people dancing. I thought it was rays of light crashing on a mountain range with a city in the foreground. It wasn’t until reading the title that I saw two people dancing and had to admire the beauty in it.


This piece, Salome, was the same experience. I immediately thought of the movie Inception when seeing this. A picture within a picture, thats some next level stuff. Two paintings in one. But I seriously enjoyed it because I was able to lose myself in this painting again. Being able to look into yourself is such a gratifying experience and actually being able to understand what is going on is an invaluable thing.

Ive been trying to become more self aware so that I can eliminate a lot of negative habits I have. It works and there is no denying that. I used to think that meditation wasnt a real thing but after trying it for a few weeks, Ive realized and learnt a lot about who I am. I love it and I hope as many people can get that gratification of being able to do so. This has helped me love myself even more and to become a positive thinker in everything I do. I hope the same can be said for anyone reading this.


Be happy and keep as positive as possible on this journey!


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this artist and your experiences with him. Its so eerie that I had the exact same experience you described in the post when viewing the pieces. I will definitely explore this artist more!

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