This residence done my MU Architecture in Quebec just screams vibes. My level of happiness was immediately elevated looking at these pictures and even writing this is making me happier with every keystroke.

I’m a firm believer that surrounding myself in  an abode like this will make the world a better place. I mean that 1000% percent. Envisioning my life in this place makes me look at the future with awe because I cant wait to have my family in this place and make memories that will span generations. The detailing in this house is phenomenal and it is evident that the architects knew exactly what they wanted out of this project.

Even the stairs are dope.They are just stairs but the design that went into them and that view you get look through those glass panes can only be better in real life. Im happy because I know that with the proper work ethic and investment of time in myself, I’ll be able to have this home and share my happiness with others around me.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Reading another book, learning another language and even seeing a psychiatrist. You do those things to better yourself and learn more about your mind and how you function on a day to day basis. Instead of first looking for happiness in someone or something, you need to make yourself happy and then the world becomes yours instead of you just being in the world. Understand where Im coming from? You can become happy just closing your eyes and telling yourself, Im going to be happy from now on. Its much harder for a lot of people to do that but its honestly easily achievable if you truly want it. Use and do anything  you can to make yourself happy because you deserve it no matter what. Always love yourself and make yourself happy.


Stay Happy and love you!

* All pictures were taken from MU Architecture


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