The one thing cars are great for is going fast, for me at least. If a car is safe and fast then its 100% percent fine by me. Its only a plus if its a beautiful car with curves that make you shiver and shake as you follow them whether it be with your eyes or fingers. The Aston Martin DB11 is a car that has me daydreaming because I find it to be a instant classic. All the cars from the DB line have always been head turners and this one is no different. Ive made it a duty to have one of them and its motivating the sh!t out of me. Its a fast car and its guranteed to make bae smile. Cant ask for much more than that, can you?

The great part about a car is that you can lose yourself behind the wheel. Im not saying drive like a maniac and go too fast that you lose control. Drive at a speed you are comfortable with, turn off the radio and just observe the roads. Experience the entirety of that moment and be amazed. Its like being lost in some sauce, you can either make it be a extremely happy vibe or a very very bad moment. I choose good vibe at all times, whenever possible. Like all things, how you use them and view them determines the outcome of that object. Using a car to drive fast, enjoy moments or fulfill a dream/ goal is probably the most healthy thing you can do. Your happiness is dependent solely on you in that case and thats the only way to do it. Buying a car to stunt on people or to attract intended sexual partners is a very quick way to become one unhappy mofo.

Be happy for you and you always. Live like that and life will become even more beautiful for you.


*All picture are from Road Show by CNET




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