Its always great to be able to look down and see a great pair of shoes on my feet. Velvet slippers do that with ease and are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on anyone that sees you in them. Gives them a sense that you are a refined gentleman even if you happen to be a crude and savage youth (like myself). Anyone you loves a decent pair of shoes will relate to the fact that sometimes, even if you are broke or literally don’t need a new pair of shoes, you see a certain pair and no f**ks are given. You will gladly reach into your pocket, swipe a card or present some cash and be on your way. You get home and are instantly infuriated with yourself. You may not even wear these shoes anytime soon and they can remain in that box for months. The process makes no sense but I find myself doing that quite a bit and have no remorse whatsoever. Shoes make me a happier person for whatever reason and I love to be happy.


Love derived from shoes may be labelled as materialistic but I have to disagree. The more and more I have thought about it, only god can judge fam. If I haven’t asked you for the cash to buy my shoes, don’t comment on my spending habits and just give an honest opinion about how good my shoes look with my outfit. I enjoy having a great pair of shoes to complete an outfit and Im very realistic with what shoes I am buying. They just make me so so happy :).




The moment I got these, I was instantly happy and wore them immediately. I was happy because they embody my style and they were surprisingly comfortable. They also look great so it was a win win. I find that if you love something and it makes you happy, no matter what it is, if it doesn’t harm others or put anyone (including yourself) at danger then you are free to do as you please. Without love, you cant have happiness and life is all about happiness. So because I love shoes and will continue to love shoes, I can continue to be a happy like a youth on the weekend.

If you like these dope shoes, just click here.


Remember, be happy and happy Friday!.



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