I enjoyed every minute of this book while reading it and it has given me  a valuable life lesson. That was because the author wasn’t highlighting his own achievement every moment he could, but instead elected to give practical examples that could be used in anyone’s daily life. The concepts and ideas he gave were very insightful and simple. Simplicity was a major reason why I enjoyed reading this book so much . Even if the example given was about a corporation or a entrepreneur that faces situations I have not even though about, the concept always remained the same. Have a clear goal or goals that you can reverse engineer and accomplish it in 12 weeks. Sounds very simple but we all know that reality is a hell of a thing and more than likely a huge project/goal cant be completed in 12 weeks.

That was the pre-notion dismissed by this book and urges readers to know that with the proper setting of goals, you can achieve so much more with your time. The biggest insight this book gave me was that people are driven by their deadlines and the more the merrier. By setting enormous goals and then doing all you can to achieve them within a given timeline, the results can be massive. As simple as that is, I wasn’t trying to exert myself in my goals and idly drifting by. After reading this book, I immediately started mapping out a few 12 week plans, ranging from health to business and was instantly surprised that I was legitimately living like a bum motherf***er. It was honestly saddening to know that the only thing preventing me from being productive, from being successful was me.

I was the problem. I hope I am not the only one that has ever had this realization but I am so happy I did. I was able to look in a mirror and be honest with myself. I said “Hey guy, you aint sh!t….yet!”. I burst out laughing when I said that but I also think I am the funniest person in the world even though I know this to be a lie. I needed that moment though and it has had a plethora of benefits almost instantaneously. I am thankful for coming across this book and the many others that I have on my book-a-week list. There was true wisdom in those pages and I hope everyone gets a chance to read this book.


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