Looking up sometimes is all I need to go from feeling down to having lifted spirits. That has helped me to realize that if you want to be happy or you want to make a drastic change in everything you do, looking up can be a major stepping stone. Simply existing will prevent anyone from being able to enjoy their present moment and leads to them ignoring all the positivity and energy surrounding them. I have been in situations that I made negative and instead of trying to look up, I did the opposite and remained in that state of mind. Hindsight is 20/20 and it is both a relief and damning feeling because you know that you are in a better place now but at the same time mad at yourself because you could have come out of the funk at lot sooner.


When I first took this photo (bare in mind this is not magazine quality) I was very happy that I caught this moment. I took this almost a year ago when I was basking in negativity and was trying to use photography hoping that it would take me to a better place. The best thing about this picture is the little window of light that is peering through the clouds. I love it because it is how I have been viewing life as of late. Once a little ray of positivity shines through and you start to pay the slightest bit of attention to it, it will become the center of your focus. That’s the love I find through photography, especially landscapes. A seemingly out of focus and dark photo allowed for your attention to be swiftly grasped by that light. Looking at this photo more and more really shows me that no matter what your situation, good or bad, when a source of positivity is trying its best to get to you, allow it and the results will be delightful.


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