If I could live in a gallery, I would sell everything I own and go in a heartbeat. Surrounding myself with art has such an overwhelming effect that Ive began to believe in magic and otherworldly spirits. I don’t say that to insult or condescend but to emphasize the effect art has on me.

I found myself aimlessly drifting through life (trust me, I know several people say that and it sounds cliche ) and having a moment that you can honestly ask yourself “What have I been doing with myself? Am I living or just existing?”. Granted I am only 22, I was skeptical myself that I was being over dramatic. Nope. I wasn’t doing anything wrong for once and I have no idea what possessed me to try and continue to live like that. How can you just exist? Wake up, eat, do meaningless things (drink, smoke, busy activities, etc..) and then back to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, people do live like that and it is fine with them. I cant live like that. I have no income, I have no job and I don’t have a lot of other things. The problem with that is, I want so many things that I know I don’t need or really care about but I still have a primal desire to have them. Does that make sense?

I may not have all of the material things I desire at the moment but I do have my education,family and health. These are not the only things I have but these are the things that I truly cherish and have helped me to acquire this newfound drive in life. Instead of just existing, for the first time in years, I want to be awake to experience life and make memorable experiences.I want to cherish each and every second that there is because life is so beautiful and I have spent too much time being an observer of life.


This masterpiece by Hieronymus Bosch is both delightful and sadistic. Titled The Garden of Earthly Delights , this piece give a perfect depiction to so many realities and perspectives. The first time I saw this, I immediately thought it was a timeline to the present day. Everything started simply, people from all over started to mix and mingle and then everything just got f**ked up and now we live in a hell. Looking at it like that, probably not the best thing for your mental or spiritual health but its honestly how I was looking at everything.


But with all problems, there is always a possibility for a solution. Have a frown? You know what to do. I shifted my thinking from its all negative to how can a negative be turned into a positive? That was a drastic and difficult change but it was honestly so simple and so rewarding that I have seen immediate results on my thinking, productivity and most importantly, my happiness. Once you can accept that you can, should and deserve to be happy, you can proceed to make everyone around you happy and that in turn can help fix everything that has gone to sh!t.



P.S If you like the artwork, click on the link, www.dopepainting.com, and experience it with audio and in high high high res.


Just remember happiness and love in all you do 🙂





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