I never thought I would become one of those persons that enjoyed just looking at homes on the internet but here I am now. Architecture is something I’ve come to appreciate because,I mean, who doesn’t want to live in a nice house and be surrounded by things you actually want to have around? Thinking about homes and what kind of home Id like to live in has really changed my perspective. Thats mainly due to the fact that all the homes I have seen that I genuinely love, all happen to be at a price range I am currently not able to fathom. As unfortunate as that may be, I’m sure that thats something that happens to most people as they go on through life.


I’ve looked at this house for a minimum of an hour everyday since first seeing it a week ago. It was designed by Bates Masi, a firm in New York, and I find it to be simply breathtaking. I have had many day dreams about this place and it has been consuming me. Its inspiring me to aim higher and be more hungry in life. Nothing worth it in life is easy and generally nothing easy is worth it. Im aiming to live life like that from now on and I hope that whoever finds this blog can join in with me. I definitely want to be able to say “I saw this house when I was 22 and now, 10 years late, I own this place.”. Even if I dont actually end up owning the place, at least I can say I tried. Its currently a goal I have for the future and as long as I can keep working, I will be working to make it a reality.

I really just f**king love this house!


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