Music is life. I think thats all thats needed for this post. Have a great day.


Seriously though, music has and will always be an addiction of mine and I couldnt imagine a life without. Out of all the different ways of listening to music, vinyl is my favorite even though I have listened to music on a vinyl player all of four times. Have you ever read a book, listened to music or even seen someone and been overtaken by a full body  chill? Its usually a great feeling and in the case of vinyl records, that full body chill was for the entirety of the record. Bear in mind the first time I listened to a vinyl records was  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West aka Yeezus aka Picasso aka Walt Disney and the guy is my favorite artist (if you couldnt tell). The experience was mesmerizing and felt like I was high on life for just over an hour. The second record I listened to was Take Care by  Drake aka Drizzy aka 6 God which is another one of my favorite artists but it was the same exact feeling for another 80 minutes.

This is why I am genuinely excited by the LOVE vinyl player. Saw this product on KickStarter and immediately had my fancy tickled. Basically a portable record player with bluetooth and controlled by your smartphone. Perfect qualities for us millennials as we can use our phones and any one of out countless bluetooth devices. You can check out the kickstart page here, LOVE Turntable.

This tech instills happiness in me because as I said, its an addiction. Music has helped me get out of some evil mindsets and I say evil because thats the only calm way to describe it. A bad day is immediately switched to a great day once the chorus of Bad and Boujee by Migos plays or at 0:48 of Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Anything involving music is almost certainly guaranteed to be a great time for me and I hope music has the same effect on everyone as it has on me because its true bliss in my life once my headphones are on and there are binary signals being converted to what I perceive as sound.


The LOVE is pricey as fack but there is an alternative that I have seen on KickStarter as well. RokBlok by Pink Donut is another portable vinyl player that serves the same purpose at a fraction of the cost.




LOVE( at current pricing, $599) vs RokBlock (at current pricing, $99).

Both look to be great products and I cant wait to give a review once I have tested both!


Be Happy!


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